About us

Alphatech is a globally trusted offshore software development company.

We pride ourselves on the highest standards. We have a broad range of services with a large team ready to work with you. Contact us today.

We are thorough and detail focused with good project governance and pride ourselves on the care we take throughout the entire process.

Within our Vietnam based team of 200, founders Jake Nguyen and Donald Nguyen, are still playing a part in every project, ensuring you have top level oversight.

Having Alphatech as your outsourced development company offers the following benefits

Guaranteed product quality
‘Always-on’ approach and able to work at pace
Breadth of experience and expertise we can immediately
tap into
Robust internal processes, strong project governance and quality control
Easy to work with and integrate as we are adaptable in our approach
Competitive fees that allow your budget to go further


our Services

Web application development

We have delivered our experience and innovation in web app development to companies across Asia and the Oceanic since 2017. We use well known industry tools, including Vue JS, React JS, .NET, PHP, NodeJS and Java amongst others, making us a clear choice for your projects.

What can you expect from us

For existing websites, once onboarded you will receive a site health audit, database clean and full site backups and archiving with a secure private staging site
A close working relationship throughout the development of the website
Regular sessions throughout the development process to ensure standards are being met
Modern design with fast loading and light code
Provision of site map for search engine listing
Modern design with fast loading and light code
Full SEO service
Transfer to your website host upon completion
Ongoing support throughout the process

Our Services

Our web development services

We have expertise in the development of websites across different platforms and CMS. Wecan work with legacy projects or custom builds alongside your desired outcomes.

What we offer:

Migration of legacy applications to modern technologies
Custom web-based product development
Development of existing applications
Programming using .NET, NodeJS, Java, PHP
Development and integration of E-commerce systems
Database development – MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB and Oracle
Windows application development
Development of web services-based applications
Mobile web applications development