Avestar ERP – our cutting-edge ERP system tailored specifically for packaging paper manufacturing companies. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth with our comprehensive solution. Simplify production management, optimize supply chain, and elevate customer satisfaction. Experience the power of our ERP in transforming your business into a competitive force in the industry.


  1. Enterprise Management
    • Push notifications
    • Mobile dashboard
    • Document approval
    • Task management
  2. Production Management
    • Product management
    • Production order management
    • Production process management (BOP – Bill of Process)
    • Production scheduling
    • Material scheduling
    • Data collection at production stages using OI screens at workstations using barcode/QR code scanners and industrial computers
    • Production floor connectivity model (using industrial computers, barcode/QR code scanners, and large display screens to monitor production progress at workshops)
    • Production reporting
  3. Warehouse Management with Barcode/QR Code
  4. Quality Management
  5. Sales Management
    • Sales planning
    • Sales process management
    • Return and exchange process management
    • Sales policy management
    • Sales reporting
  6. Procurement and Supply Chain Management
    • Procurement process management
    • Return and exchange process management for procurement
    • Vendor evaluation and selection
    • Purchasing price policy management
    • Procurement management reporting
  7. Production Capacity Planning – Production Planning – Material Planning
  8. Maintenance Management (CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  9. Financial Accounting Management
    • Financial & Management accounting
  10. Human Resource Management (HRM)


Achieve operational excellence and boost business performance with AlphaERP. Benefit from streamlined processes, improved productivity, optimized inventory management, enhanced quality control, efficient sales and procurement operations, accurate financial management, and streamlined HR processes.

Experience increased efficiency, cost savings, and overall business growth with AlphaERP’s comprehensive feature set.







Programming language:

Back End(Python), Front End(JavaScript)